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The Soul Studio was developed from a desire and belief that people, no matter where they live, should have access to Spiritual development classes.

The Soul Studio was created to be a loving place where you can feel free to speak your truth and learn and explore in a comfortable, safe place without judgment.

Becoming a Soul Studio Insider is the best way to get started. Join the insider community for FREE to access useful resources to help you begin your development journey.

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Soul Studio Insiders (FREE)

Soul Studio Insiders is gives you an intimate way to connect with your Spirit Team, further develop your intuitive abilities, and give you FREE resources to guide your journey!

As a Soul Studio Insider you will receive exclusive access to:

  • FREE Soul Tarot Layouts
  • Soul Studio mini-lessons & guides
  • Exclusive meditations & resources
  • and much, much more...

Becoming a Soul Studio Insider is FREE!

Soul Journaling

In order to hear your Spirit Team, you need to learn how to hear your own voice first...

This Invitation For Expansion is for intuitives and empaths who want to learn how to unlock their connection to their heart and soul, using journaling as the key.

Are you ready to unlock what your soul wants you to know?

Creating a Direct Line to Spirit

In this course, we focus on strengthening your intuitive and empathic gifts while developing a daily ritual that is uniquely tailored to you, and one that you can stick with!

The next intensive begins later summer, 2021!

Wondering how you can strengthen your intuitive gifts?

Soul Tarot 101

Imagine discovering a new path forward with your tarot deck—knowing that every time you grab your deck, you’re moments away from getting more clarity and connection to your own soul’s voice.


Begins Spring 2022!

Spirit Guide Mastery

This advanced journey work class builds off of everything you learned in Creating a Direct Line to Spirit. You dive deeper into connecting with Spirit Guides. The next intensive begins Fall 2021!

Get Ready to Meet Your Guides!

Soul Tarot Masterclass

Want to learn how to blend your intuition and the tarot? In this Soul Tarot master class, I teach you the unique way I’ve designed to connect Tarot with Spirit. I show you exactly how I use my cards in my sessions.

Want to know more about connecting your Tarot with Spirit?

Introduction to Mediumship

Perhaps, you have a calling to dive even deeper? Introduction to Mediumship builds on Creating a Direct Line to Spirit and Connecting with Your Spirit Guides, Angels and Allies. Here I teach you the basics of mediumship and create a safe space for you to practice your newly learned skills.

Want to explore your mediumship gifts?

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