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Soul Tarot 101 Preview

Enjoy this preview of the beginning of Soul Tarot 101 as you begin your journey to empower yourself to take action and move forward in life.

COPY: Tell Me About You

In the above video, I walk you through exactly how to set up this product and the specific strategy we're following. At the end I'll instruct you to bulk add access to your users before sending the swipe emails. 

If you have NOT linked your email tool and added your subscribers in as users to your MV account yet, here is how you'll do that, before moving on to the bulk add instructions for this product.



Quiz questions are a fantastic thing to include in every single product that you add to your MV -- think testimonials, market research on what people want or what they are focusing on next, feedback about your product, etc.

They can be evergreen questions (always in the product) or short lived questions (only available until X date or until X people submit, for example)

For the purposes of this product, I recommend making it invisible and sending the 3 email swipes I've included (see here). 


If you ARE going to delete your product/module/lesson that has the quiz questions -- always export the answers first as it will delete the answer records in MV (we'll be changing this in a future update).


I'm including a long list of quiz questions here so you can pick and choose. I recommend choosing 5-8 max for your product UNLESS you have a really, really sweet incentive that will help with the pain of answering more questions than that. 

Simply delete the questions you don't want to use. See how in the above walk-thru video.


Remember, people are busy and distracted. Don't make them answer too many questions! They are giving you the gift of access to their brains and their time. Be appreciative.

From our polling, monetary rewards win out but people also really like getting recognition or special access to something that is not available for purchase (exclusivity ups value)

Here are some incentive ideas:

  • first X to answer get Y (a discount, a call with you, a product, etc)
  • everyone gets an invite to a live workshop, DIY product, etc
  • a drawing for a prize or multiple prizes (gift card, voxer access, etc)
  • a roundup of the answers (if that will be valuable to your audience)
  • an invite to a private challenge or pop up group


The below video will walk you through how to actually deliver you incentive once they answer the quiz. How you set up the triggered email in your email tool will depend on the tool you're using, (more info under video)

Here are how to's for our three most popular email integrations:




If you're still confused after looking at the linked help doc, ask for help in the Collaborative! "Help! How do I send a triggered email when a tag is added to my subscriber in [your email tool]."

Not using one of the above tools? Post in the Collaborative re: "how to set up an automated email when a tag is added in [your email tool]". You can also google it! 

Lesson Activity

Once you have your product set up and edited (watch the top video for the how to), you'll need to let your subscribers know about it!

I've included a 3 email swipe sequence (including recommended send frequency) -- snag them from this google doc


These quiz questions came from my brain, from our experience asking quiz questions (we currently have 4,459 answers in our marketplace and growing every day) and from asking our users what THEY like asking. 

Big thanks to these users for sharing their favorite quiz questions!


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